CAD-CAM informatician training

Duration of training: 1 or 2 school year depending on pre-qualification
Application criteria: matriculation or professional matriculation qualification
With the qualification, the CAD-CAM informatician is able to:
– handle computers and use software
– work on organization-related activities
– design and evaluate projects
– operate computers and apply computing skills
– prepare GIS systems
– use technical knowledge
– perform Computer-Aided-Design tasks
– perform Computer-Aided-Manufacturing tasks
– operate and program robots
– program CNC machining machines
– produce and present product design and visual plans
– use special equipment
– perform management tasks
– create technical and advertising documents (editing)
– create technical and advertising documents (multimedia applications)
– apply entrepreneurial, labor law, organization and leadership skills
– make a feasibility study
– start up and upgrade
High school students are entitled to discounts and allowances for the two years.
Dormitory accommodation is provided.