Mechatronics Technician training

Mechatronics Technician (skills shortages)
Duration of training: 1 or2 school year depending on pre-qualification
Application criteria: matriculation or professional matriculation qualification
Scholarship between 20.000 Ft and 50.000 Ft depending on the school results on the exam
preparatory level
With this qualification the Mechatronics Technician is able to:
 set up technical documentation
 repair mechatronics equipment
 create mechatronics systems
 integrate machines and parts of systems
 rig up and unjoint mechatronics parts
 build and check electronic controlment
 build and check pneumatic controlment
 build and check hydraulic controlment
 program PLC and microcontroller
 program mechatronics systems and machines
 program by documentation
 operate production systems and machines
 maintain mechatronics systems
Automatics, pneumatics, PLC techniques and production system experts have been requested
recently, so job opportunities are certain.
High school students are entitled to discounts and allowances for the two years.
Dormitory accommodation is provided.