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About us

About us

General information

Szeged Centre for Vocational and Educational Training Déri Miksa Vocational Secondary school.

Our role in the public educational system of Szeged

The school, founded in 1894, is one of the oldest educational institutions in the city of Szeged.

Preserving the founders' intention, our main goal is to establish technology and engineering studies.

Tradition and quality teaching is highly appreciated not only in the city but also in higher education institutions of the  whole country.

Our professional program is based on three sectors of the technical area, namely mechanical engineering, information technology, electrical engineering and electronics.

We are proud of:

  • our Higher Education Indicators

After taking school leaving exams about 45% of our students continue their studies in higher education. Our school, among the vocational secondary schools of the Southern region of the country, is ranked in a primary position, based on the proportion of students accepted in higher education. Approximately 50 % of our technicians consider their training as a step towards university qualification, as a future engineer can benefit from his professional training all life long.

  • The performance of our students in educational, professional and other competitions
  •  The responsible, mature and considerate behaviour of students in everyday life, during class trips, museum visits and other events.
  • The very high standard and diversity of school events.
  • The performance of grade 10 in National Assessmentsof Educational Achievement.
  • The qualification, preciseness, versatility and dedication of our teaching staff.

High added-value is the evidence of the conscientious and dedicated work of our teachers, thus our students have significantly better performance as previously predicted.

  • Opening a memorial room dedicated to Albert Szent-Györgyi

In December 2012 we commemorated two important events related to Albert Szent-Györgyi, the famous scientist. The 76th anniversary of being awarded the Nobel Prize and the 81st of isolating vitamin C from paprika. At that time a permanent exhibition and a memorial room were opened.

From 1930 Albert Szent-Györgyi lived and worked in the building, which is now our school.. His flat was at the end of the corridor on the ground floor. His laboratories used to be in the place, where we have our large workshop. In autumn, 1932, he could prove the vitamin C content in paprika and could extract it on large scale first in the world. So our school building could be called as the birthplace of vitamin C. The only place in the country where a Nobel Prize-winning discovery was made.

The structure of vocational training at our school

Our goal is to establish individual identity, where Deri Miksa Member Institute could be the best possible option for young people wishing to learn professions taught at our school.

We must do our best to help our graduates find employment, to provide training which is required by the industry. To achieve it, we must improve cooperation with employers we train professionals for.

The number of available vocational trainings at Deri is outstanding in Csongrad county and the town of Szeged as well. Interest in vocational training has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years.

There are fully equipped

- welding, locksmith, turner, electronics, electrical repair workshops

- plane-cutting, CNC, industrial machine repair workshops

- PLC, mechanical technological, automation, pneumatic-, hydraulics, robotics, digital technology, pulse technology, analog electronics and electrical machines laboratories at our school.


SZC logo

Szegedi Szakképzési Centrum

Szegedi SZC Déri Miksa Műszaki Technikum

6724 Szeged, Kálvária tér 7.

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